A Winter’s Tale is on view December 05, 2020 through January 17, 2021

The Athens Cultural Center presents our winter exhibit “A WINTER’S TALE,” a group window exhibition curated by Athens residents Amanda Lees and Annika Vogt.

Pulling inspiration from the holiday tradition of window dressing, A Winter’s Tale features Hudson Valley artists Irja Bodén, Jenny Ghetti, Elin Menzies, Danielle Norris and Christine Pfister. The selected works explore the ageless power of storytelling and the many ways in which a story can be expressed in three-dimensional grandeur through both the lens of fairytale and newly constructed narratives.  

“Traditionally, winter has been a time for gathering. Families would come together around the hearth and tell tall tales of fiction and fantasy, utilizing characters that represented the magic, mystery and dangers of the season, often containing illuminating lessons to be gleaned by small ears with curious minds.

As winter settles in this year and the world outside goes into dormancy, we set to harken back to days olde, when a well told tale had the capacity to ignite imaginations and wonder,” said Lees and Vogt. In added support of the window exhibition, the Athens Cultural Center has also partnered with fellow neighbor, D.R. Evarts Library, in presenting a multi-part video series examining Hudson Valley lore with Greene County historian and Athens native Jonathan Palmer.

The series will be released in parts over the course of the exhibition and may be viewed at tinyurl.com/acc-channel. “Early into our conversations co-curator Amanda Lees and I both expressed a desire to do more than feature localized talent. We saw this exhibition as a shared opportunity to connect with other nearby resources and organizations mutually committed to bolstering our fellow community and culture,” said Vogt.

An expanded curation of the exhibition may be experienced online at tinyurl.com/accawinterstale.

Artwork Card: Elin Menzies, Red Riding Hood Arrives at Wolf Crossing

Artwork Poster: Danielle Norris, The Hook




The 17th Annual Members Exhibit~September 26-November 29th


“Self-Reflection While in Isolation.” Curated by local resident Annika Vogt.

Saturday, August 22, 2020 — Sunday, September 20, 2020
It’s often in times of uncertainty that we learn the most about ourselves.

Self-Reflection While in Isolation was inspired by the COVID19 pandemic and its effect on our Athens Cultural Center artist members.
Like so many of us confined to our homes during the last several months of self-quarantine, our members have had to adapt their creativity to utilize what is readily available to them.

For Self-Reflection While in Isolation we invited our members to experiment with self-portraiture and encouraged their personal definition of the theme, artistic interpretation and methods for execution.
In looking back, we recognize that this unique moment in our collective lives has provided great opportunity for quiet reflection . . .

May these artworks inspire you, dear viewer, to look within and explore your own inner creativity.  Annika


Artwork: Margery Wiesehahn, Florally Masked
















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