Apr 30 2020 - 02:44 PM
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
During these stressful and isolating times, the Athens Cultural Center and our Art Education Coordinator, Natalie, would like to offer a way to come together as a community with a creative endeavor, using a form of art that is calming, simple to do and becomes a beautiful piece of art work that is a radial symmetrical design, Mandala.
We ask that only (one) Mandala design per person be shared to our Facebook page or submitted to us at
If you submit via email we will post your design on our Facebook page so everyone can share in the peaceful beauty and come together as a community. Please let us know if we can use your name when posting your design to Facebook.
Materials You Will Need:
Several links are listed below to help you out, all you really need is a piece of paper, any kind, a pencil or pen or fine tip marker, and various sizes of circular objects to trace, or a compass. Get creative, use what you have at home or from what you can find from nature.
The first link will give you a lot of ideas and is easily understood and should not present any difficulty.
The last link gives you ideas for working in color if you’d like to add that.
Links You May Need:
Easy explanation and no special tools necessary.
Scroll to the bottom for the actual video.
This link is a bit more complex and uses tools you may or may not have. If you watched the link above, you know how to deal with that!
This link is not a video, so if you like to work from diagrams, it may be more beneficial to you, but I would still watch the first video to get the hang of it.
This link is a video that shows how to use one color to create a mandala, but you could easily add other colors!
Don’t forget to share your design to the Athens Cultural Facebook page or end to our email at:
Please think about checking in with older or isolated neighbors. Feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from it.
We will all get through this together!
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