Aug 16 2019 - 04:00 PM

This summer the Athens Cultural Center had eight different Instructors/artists provide amazing quality arts education experiences for ages six-senior citizens.  Classes were offered in everything from one night Scarf Printing to longer Landscape Classes, rock painting, jewelry and beading, and a variety of others. 
Each teacher brought their own experience and expertise to their classes.  The exhibit of their work shows not only what they have already offered but a taste of other media and talents that they have and may give you an idea of what future classes could have in store. Immerse yourself in the creativity of talented artists: Natalie Boburka, Tina Chaden, Wendy Doney, Heather Fitzpatrick, Laura Garramone, Kathy Klompas and Chantal Van Wierts.

Wendy Doney I currently work for the Catskill Central School District as the high school Art teacher. Being an Art teacher brings me joy as I can share my talents and inspire others. I, myself, am inspired mostly by the beauty that is the Hudson Valley and enjoy trying to capture that in my work.

 has taught several classes to all ages at the Athens Cultural Center in past years..  This year she is teaching 3 sessions for older students including landscape, Book-making as a sculpture and a book, and Found Art Poetry classes.  She is also teaching two classes for younger students including Magazine Collage and Book Making.







Heather Fitzpatrick taught Paint Pouring, a vibrant and fluid form of painting with surprising results in our Pop Up Wednesday series.








Tina Chaden is teaching our final Pop Up Wednesday session on 8/21 on Image Transfer, a unique form of creating art from existing images and combining them with other media for individual outcomes.


















Leslie Reed my work is primarily concerned with the intersection of culture and nature, as embodied in place.  The unique combination of cultural and natural events that have been physically drawn onto any specific spot on the Earth create a sense of place and in turn allows for the possibility of the loss of that place. This particular piece is jewelry that is made from an invasive plant, Japanese stilt grass. Leslie is teaching a beading class focusing on jewelry for Pop Up Wednesday on August 14th! She is also a skilled glass artist.



Kathy Klompas I love color. I love pattern. I love process. I love mark-making. I love making art to share.Primarily, I create with monotype, making one-of-a-kind painterly prints on paper and fabric.  Sometimes I venture off in to collage or other mixed-media techniques, often influenced by my love of textiles and surface design. In college, I studied Textile and Costume Design, my bread & butter was in a variety of executive retail positions.  Printmaking became a passionate way to stay grounded and exuberantly color outside the lines while navigating the workaday world.  Now I play at my studio as much as I like!  I love creating this work.  I love teaching and sharing my joy of connecting freely while exploring color and composition. Ask me about classes and open studio, or becoming a mate at my studio, Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio in Cohoes. I am a member of the Oakroom Artists.  My signature monoprint silk scarves are available at: Departures Gallery, Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany Center Gallery, Micropolis Gallery, Elisa Halloran Designs, Harvard Art Museums Shop.     Instagram: @KathyKlompas

See me at the Round Lake Markets on August 10 & 11 and the Saratoga Library on September 11 at Noon. Kathy has taught two Pop Up Wednesday classes at the Cultural Center- Mono printing on scarves and Gelli printing! Look for more classes here from her in the future. 


Chantal Van Wierts 







Laura Garramone is an artist from Greene County, who has many talents and accomplishments. She is a visual artist with experience in Pastels, acrylics, assemblage, welding and gardening art. Most recently she has been exploring fantasy and intuitive painting/art. Laura has shown her work throughout the region and across New York State. She has participated in Plein aire competitions and has received awards and accolades from the multiple Art Associations in which she is affiliated with. Laura is mostly self-taught, but has had the privilege of studying under some influential talented artists through participation in workshops.

A nurse by trade she dreams of the day that she can dedicate more time to her Art.

Art on rocks was a natural progression for Laura due to her love of nature and









Natalie Boburka I have been teaching art for over 35 years for all ages, and was a full time art teacher at Schenectady High School until my recent retirement.  I enjoy using a variety of media and am constantly taking classes that teach me new techniques so that I can apply them in my own way to incorporate experimentation into my work.  This way I’m constantly changing and growing, and finding a unique voice. The benefit of being an art teacher is that you are using and teaching a variety of media and always redesigning and improving.  This summer at the Athens Cultural Center, as well as being the new Education Coordinator, I taught classes in watercolors and microns, sculpture, and meditative pattern based designs.

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