"Thinking Flat: An Exhibition of Sculptors Works on Paper"
Nov 4 2017 - 01:00 PM
Leonid Lerman "Untitled" Other Voices Series 2008

Leonid Lerman “Untitled” Other Voices Series 2008

Thinking Flat: An Exhibition of Sculptors Works on Paper
October 28-December 9
Opening Reception: October 28, 6-8 PM
Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 PM or by appointment by calling 518-421-3443
Sculpture is by definition 3 dimensional, we think of it in the round, and how it affects and is affected by the space into which it’s placed. Paper, on the other hand, is always flat, you cannot see its backside. Artists can, however, synthesize or imply any spatial concept that they choose, and that is what makes sculptors’ works on paper so compelling.

The Sculptors in this exhibition have all established their professional and critical reputations, their sculpture is well known, but the works on paper are full of surprises. Some are logical progressions in the thought process leading to a familiar piece. Others are an insight into parallel viewpoints that have not yet been made flesh. Participating sculptors are John Van Alstine, Bruce Gagnier, Melvin Edwards, Martin Puryear, Leonid Lerman, Robert Simon, Deborah Masters, G. L. Sussman, Alexander Kosolapov, William Tucker, Carol May, Tim Watkins, Bradford Graves, and Mia Westerlund. All of these artists have strong connections to the Hudson Valley and upstate new York.

Curated by noted painter and Athens resident Peter Homitzky, who apart from his own work directed New Jerseys’ Architectural and Monumental Sculpture Project, a series of five large-scale sculpture exhibitions annually from 1973 to1982 on Green Lane in Union New Jersey, and revived at the New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts in Summit New Jersey
in the 1990’s.

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