Opening Reception for "A Declaration of Sentiments"
Jun 3 2017 - 06:00 PM

“A Declaration of Sentiments: Reflections on the Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote in New York State” through August 20, 2017. Please join us for the opening from 6 to 9 PM on June 3rd. Gallery hours are: Fridays: 4-7pm, Saturdays: 2-7pm, Sundays 1-4 pm and by appointment by calling (518) 421-3443 or emailing

“A Declaration of Sentiments,” curated by Carrie Feder, mixes art and artifacts and asks both the artist and the audience to look at history and art in a new and provocative way. The exhibit is both a historical and conceptual exploration of the centennial of women’s right to vote and a literal declaration of sentiments by contemporary women artists as they reflect upon the struggle in the past, in the present, or in their own lives. Rather than attempting a linear retelling of the complex historical tale, Ms. Feder evokes the atmosphere of the day by placing historical text, quotes, images, and objects in combination with contemporary artwork that express themes and realities that were central to women’s lives in the 19th century and propelled the struggle to acquire the right to vote at a time when women were considered not much more than chattel.

The 16 contemporary women artists exhibiting their work are: Yura Adams, Laurel Garcia Colvin, Ryder Cooley, Jenny Feder, Jeanette Fintz, Kate Hamilton, Valerie Hammond, Brece Honeycutt, Melora Kuhn, Carole P. Kunstadt, Louise LaPlante,
Ruby Palmer, Susan Mastrangelo, Claudia McNulty, Portia Munson, Christy Rupp, Susan Wides and Tricia Wright. Images relating to themes in the exhibit are being posted on Instagram,

This event is made possible in part with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered in Greene County by the Greene County Council on the Arts through the Community Arts Grants program as well as the Peckham Family Foundation, the Athens Community Foundation, Verdigris Tea and others.

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