One World Concert: Sonny & Perley
Sep 16 2017 - 07:00 PM

The Athens Cultural Center and Brian Melick Present: One World Music Series
Sonny & Perley-Paris to Rio
September 16, 7PM

The Athens Cultural Center and Brian Melick continue our collaboration presenting a series of concerts melding musical roots and influences from around the world.
Perley Rousseau was raised on the jazz greats. As a young girl, she was captivated by the Bossa Nova and the sounds of Sergio Mendez and Brazil. This love affair is the foundation of her career. She sings in English, French, and Portuguese. Sonny Daye’s musical training began with the drums which he began playing at 7 years old. He later went on to study music at North Texas University where his foundation for piano work began. A rare musical symbiosis. The husband and wife team have spent the last several years developing and perfecting their unique blend of Jazz, Brazilian Bossa Nova, and International Cabaret which has become their musical signature. Visit them at:

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