One World Concert: Maria Zemantauski, Flamenco/Classical Guitarist; La Nina, Flamenco Dance & Brian Melick, Percussion
May 20 2017 - 07:00 PM

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Maria Zemantauski, Flamenco/Classical Guitarist; La Nina, Flamenco Dance; and Brian Melick, Percussion
7PM, Doors open at 6:30PM, suggested donation $10

Maria’s programs are a dynamic blend of artistic freedom, innovation and tradition, highlighting both traditional music and dance forms as well as original compositions inspired by the traditional forms. Zemantauski is one of the world’s few heralded female flamenco-style guitarists, and one of even fewer female flamenco composers. She has performed in Spain, Italy and across the continental United States to great acclaim.

Voted Best Guitarist in NY’s Capital Region! METROLAND Magazine raves, “She may play a nylon-string guitar rather than the more common steel-string flat-top, but don’t be fooled — classical/flamenco ace Maria Zemantauski doesn’t pussyfoot around on those six strings and twenty-odd frets. She can set bass notes rumbling like an avalanche and treble passages flying like sparks off a blowtorch if she’s so inclined. Around here, she is unmatched for both chops and the power to telegraph emotion that all art aspires to.” To hear what all that sounds like visit

“La Niña” aka Rebeca Byam, a high school Spanish teacher for 33 years, has been teaching flamenco and tap for II years. A native of Colombia, South America, she studied flamenco in NYC with master dancers Jose Molina, Jorge Navarro and Mariano Parra, and in Spain at the Academia de Flamenco de Mariquilla in Granada. “La Niña”, Zemantauski and Melick’s collaboration on May 20th will be sure to delight and energize the audience.

The Athens Cultural Center is pleased to have percussionist Brian Melick performing and curating this music series. As he explains, “Most every artist that I work with has similar connection with their music with respect to drawing on all the different influences that have come to be the main ingredients of that style. No one that I work with only does one thing which of course makes their body of music so much more interesting.” Actively involved with music for the past thirty-five years, Brian has developed a wide range of experience as a drummer, multi-hand percussionist, and as an educator. He has been a featured artist on over 375 commercially recorded works and has been produced by major as well as independent record companies. nbsp;


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