The Athens Cultural Center offers Free kids art classes throughout the year and Free summer classes July-August.

Summer Art Classes give kids an opportunity to attend different classes and build skills and have fun, while receiving guidance from trained artists and teachers, Our kids art classes are for students: 1st grade to 7th grade.

MORE INFO OR TO REGISTER EMAIL: education@athensulturalcenter.org


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Tuesday & Thursday 12:30pm-3:30pm. Students must come to both (TUES & THUR) weekly sessions. During the summer, kids can spend one to six weeks at the Athens Cultural Center, painting, drawing, writing stories and creating sculptures.












WEEK 1:  JULY 9TH & JULY 11TH~Designing Droids- Love Star Wars Droids, robots, and mechanical moving machines?  Here’s your chance to draw your own using templates and found objects.  We’ll use watercolors and tricks to create a spacey background for them to inhabit too!  Instructor- Natalie Boburka                                                                                                       

WEEK 2: JULY 16TH & July 18th~EXHIBIT TOUR & PUPPET THEATER– Students will get a tour of the show “TOYS~Finding Your Inner Child” then will learn about and create their own puppets on Tuesday and Thursday along with making their own theater. Instructor- Chantal Van Wierts

As an added opportunity students will put on a special performance on Saturday, July 20th from 1:00pm-3:30pm

WEEK 3: July 23rd & July 25th~HIDDEN PICTURES

This is an easy way to learn about how to make super cool patterns and then add them to a design to make a hidden picture.  We’ll investigate what makes a pattern, so you can invent your own and then hide your own image inside your picture.

SPECIAL SATURDAY SESSION Juy 27th 1:00pm-3:30pm

All participants from session #1 plus a guest if wanted.

Group Pattern Based Design Hidden Figures!  We’ll take what we learned and create a giant group design which you will make all the decisions about, from color, to what to use, and what to hide!  This is a super relaxing way to spend a few hours, and come out with something fantastic that we can all be proud of!

WEEK 4: July 30th & August 1st~BIRDS HANGING AROUND 

Birds Hanging Around-Create your own funky feathered friend to hang in your room and fly above you while you’re hanging out!  Each student will also get their own warbling water bird whistle, so you can call birds at home.

SPECIAL SATURDAY SESSION August 3rd 1:00am-3:30pm 

All participants from session #1 plus a guest if wanted. We’ll work together to create a flock of birds to perch on the gazebo at the riverfront! We’ll get a group picture and the birds will migrate to different places in Athens!



Students will create a collage out of magazine pieces, inspired by numerous photos and quotes.


Book Making – Students will create a simple accordion fold book using a variety of colored paper and boards where they will write a narrative using story prompts and meaningful quotes.













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