About The Athens Cultural Center

Over 150 years ago, the Hudson River School, the country’s first indigenous art movement, was founded in our back yard. Today, we continue this aesthetic tradition by serving as a home for artists, performers and art lovers.

The Athens Cultural Center offers a full schedule of arts and cultural programming, community events, classes, exhibitions, and more. We are housed in a former storefront decorated with graceful cast iron pillars just a few steps from the majestic Hudson River.

Our overall mission is to encourage understanding of the arts in this reviving area of the Hudson Valley. Once again, artists, writers, performers and musicians have become key residents of our village. We provide a space for them to share their special talents with their neighbors.

You can help us fulfill our mission by becoming a member or by donating your time as we educate, enlighten and restore.

The Athens Cultural Center offers a rich variety of free and paid classes for everyone in our unique community. With Athens rich history, beautiful historic homes, and natural heritage that many of us have been enjoying for generations, it is particularly important to provide community classes that enrich a cross section of our community. We also provide a much needed selection of free workshops and classes for children and teens as the impact of budgetary constraints threatens opportunities for participation in the arts in schools. We have a strong tradition of providing free weekly summer arts programs for students. Many of these classes are funded by grants from community partners and we thank them for their generosity.

The number of talented artists, writers, performers and musicians that make the Hudson Valley their home is astonishing. In the village of Athens, we know many artists, emerging, struggling and established, as our neighbors. The Athens Cultural Center serves as an exhibition and performance space in which talented artists can exhibit and perform, enlightening the community in which they live.

The Athens Cultural Center is located in a former retail building on Second Street in this historic riverfront village. We are refurbishing the inside and restoring the exterior to its 19th century mercantile glory.

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